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We are S.J. Roofing, LLC located in Annandale, MN and we have been serving homeowners in Wright County and across the entire west metro area since 2007. We respect hardworking homeowners and we believe that you should have a roofing contractor that will look out for you and always have your best interest in mind.

A lot of roofing companies try to cover the Minneapolis west metro area.

Here are 8 points that you should consider when hiring a roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof:

  1. To start with, select a local roofing contractor that employs local roofers.
  2. Is the price you pay a real value for the quality of the work and the customer service that you’ll receive to repair or replace your roof?
  3. Are the people you originally met with for your estimate, the same people that will be working with you during the entire process of replacing your roof?
  4. Do the roofing installers have the specific skills and equipment needed to do the work, so you have a hassle-free experience, every step of the way?
  5. Will they work with your insurance adjusters, so you receive fair compensation and confirm that all the roof hail damage is covered in your repair estimate?
  6. Make sure the roofing company you select offers a long-term warranty, not just for the asphalt shingles, but for their actual craftsmanship.
  7. Is the roofing contractor licensed in the State of Minnesota and are they insured?
  8. Look for a roofer that has an excellent track record with the Better Business Bureau.

For a fair quote on roof repairs or roof replacement for your home, give SJ Roofing, LLC a call at

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